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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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E.    Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above    (Continued)

4.    Campeau, P.L.  et  al.,  Final  Report:    Evaluation of Project Information
Package Dissemination and Implementation':    Palo Alto, CA:    American In-
stitutes for Research, January, 1979,

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1 and 2, Menlo Park, CA:    Stanford Research Institute, 1977.

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7.    Law-Related Education Evaluation Project Final  Report, Phase II, Year 3.
Boulder, COL: Social Science Education Consortium and Center for Action
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No studies about programs supported by the Secretary's Discretionary Program
are in progress.

Contact for Further Information
Program Operations:

National Diffusion Network:    Lee Wickline, (202) 653-7000

Educational Television   and  Technology:     Jean   Narayanan,   (202)   254-5856

Law-Related Education:    Rita Ray, (202) 472-7960

Discretionary Grant Competitions:    Tom Enderlein,   (202) 472-1762

Program Studies:    Ann Weinheimer,  (202) 245-8877


1.    Section 563 of ECIA authorized up to  six  percent   of the funds appro-
priated for   Chapter  2   of  the   ECIA   to   be   used   for  the   Secretary's
Discretionary Program.

2.    Each of the three programs mandated by  law in the Secretary's Discre-
tionary Program is covered by a separate chapter in the Annual Evalua-
tion Report.

3.    During FY 1984, the Law-Related Education Program was mandated by P.L.
98-312.    It   is   included   in   this   chapter   because   it   became   a   newly
mandated program  at the  end  of the  fiscal   year*     Next year,   it  will
appear in a separate chapter in the Annual Evaluation Report.

4.    Although  the Secretary's  Discretionary  Program  appears   in the Annual
Evaluation Report under Elementary and Secondary Programs, both the NDN
and the Education Television and Technology program are administered by
the Department's Office of Educational  Research and Improvement.es of grantee applications.